Labor Day … But Work To Do

Labor Day.. the historic mark of the end of summer, one last weekend to relax and enjoy the sunny days and bbq nights. Labor Day weekend 2015 is quite a different story for me. I have been working diligently on reform. Reform in all areas of my life. It has not been easy.  But when you want something so badly, it requires lots of hard work.

I could have easily have given up. My stubborness has both positive and negative sides. I am learning more and more each day how to use it when the tough gets tough, and to listen when others have a much different perspective then I do.

I have big goals. I want to raise the bar for the yoga industry, and encourage yogis around the world to have great self-worth in their value.  I want to use the powers of yoga to help others with special needs, heal those post surgery and energize them in sports recovery. I want the world to embrace yoga, and yogis to be respected as business people for their value.

I want to continue to leverage all my business sense and lessons learned along with my marketing experience to help businesses grow, prosper and understand how much more they can be.

I want to complete my second Ironman. Certainly, many can question why now? But I know in my heart, and in my gut, there are many great reasons. And I am lucky to be healthy to pursue the dream. The life long lessons I have learned from the training and the mental fortitude that is needed to carry on when the demons enter the head of doubt, worry and lonelyness.  The endless conversations with my coach who has given me more than tools, he has given me a full master’s degree of triathlon education along with strong emotional support.

I want to be successful in fundraising. I want others to understand the importance of Ironman Foundation and the support it gives to communities in need. I want to explain to others that seven months of training, six days a week is not only for me. It is for my charity, my team, my coach and for all those who donated. It is an army. A special army of a wonderful support system.

I want to give back to others as I start my first run club this fall and add on more classes in yoga and teach more private clients exactly how yoga can better their lives.

So this Labor Day weekend is a celebration for many, but I am simply not satified. I must work extremely hard in the next coming weeks to acheive goals I set out for myself a year ago. There is no time for relaxation. There is certainly no room for error.

I must ride 120 miles tomorrow.. hard.

Then I must run 18 miles Sunday.. hard and on very tired legs.

I must continue all efforts to fundraise as my deadline is September 13th.

I must continue to practice yoga to properly give back yoga, to be grounded, sensitive and be great every class I teach.

I must stay current and read business publications, posts, threads and understand the global economy in order to consult other businesses.

I must simply work… so that when all of my goals have been reached (for the meantime), I can really enjoy the well deserved Labor Day of my own.

My crowdrise page to donate to Ironman Foundation for Chattanooga is below. Thank you for your consideration and support.

Raising Funds For the Community in Need in Chattanooga.

Ironman Foundation… Raising Funds For the Community in Need in Chattanooga.

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