Fueling… I got an F

Andy Potts Fuels Up!

Andy Potts Fuels Up!

I have a lot more to learn. Admitting that there is always something to learn from faliled workouts will get one closer to better ones.

Last Friday, I was planning for my Saturday five hour Brick. I had a 1 mile swim, three hour bike and six mile T-Run. I laid all my gear out on the bed and double checked everything, including counting how many Gu’s I would need and supplements for the workout. I ate a good portion of pasta, I hydrated, and went to bed early with good rest.

Saturday morning I woke up early, had my coffee and ate a breakfast that somehow I thought was enough fuel to sustain the amount of demand I was going to put on my body for the day.

In essence, I ate a muffin top. 110 calories plus a pat of butter.

Low and behold when I was 3 hours into my workout day, I was struggling. I kept good nutrition throughout the workout, made sure I had a Gu every 45 minutes, and completed my 250 calories of liquid nutrition in my water bottle. But I bonked. My speed and heart rate dropped, and my legs said they were done. The t-run was not pretty. My talk with my coach afterwards was a simple one. You failed at fueling.

It’s a constant battle for me to try and remember how important fueling is for this sport. I talk about it openly in this forum because I hear from others how they ignore the importance of nutrition and hydration as well. There is a reason for slowing down, dropping off, bonking. And it takes constant effort to stay on top of what is required in this crazy endurance sport. Utilizing My Fitness Pal to track intake and output, planning meals, making good food choices and staying ahead of the game is a commitment to the sport as much as following the schedule.

I am thankful for my coach who points out the obvious when I make poor decisions.

I am also thankful to the person who thought of me when they saw this nutrtition/hydration image from Pro Triathlete Andy Potts. Sometimes we get derailed from logic, we fail the test, we fail a part of the workout or the whole workout. But the best teachers in life show why you failed, and give you the tools of what it takes to get the A.

A for Andy… B for banana… C for calories.. D for..


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