Yoga is Boring..

Working for Crow

Crow for today, Pigeon/Crow inversion for another.

They say hard work pays off.  That is in essence the mantra for a yoga practice. We work hard to get the monkey chatter out of our heads, the worry, the doubt and the darkness sometimes. We practice asanas or poses for one reason, so that we can celebrate with complete stillness and meditation in the most important pose of yoga.. savasana. The other day I was taking class at the beautiful new Prasada Yoga Studio with Mel Salvador. I will be teaching there soon, so I wanted to get the lay of the land so to speak. I immediately got lost in her soothing voice and cues as well as the visuals such as the bright orange yoga mats and south asian elephant drapery. I deeply concentrated on what I was doing and fine tuned into Mel to hear what pose would be next. And then, she asked us to do something I have never done before. Some pigeon/crow inversion.. geez it was hard pose. LOL. Immediately, I dove head first into just doing before my mind had a chance to have it’s way. I knew frustration had a good chance to start battling against perseverance. I had to keep going, I had to keep trying. I had to challenge myself….

…And Mel challenged us as a union. Some copied the pose well after a few tries, some laughed, I got close with assistance. But the goal was to keep us present, keep us working and ultimately keep our mind and body together on the same page to grow and to flourish. We worked so that our savasana or corpse pose would be a well deserved rest with inner peace. It is a struggle to do so without pose work first. Distractions will come enter the mind, the pain in the hip will arise, the excuses will come and come again. So it is truly a pleasure to understand the why of yoga so that we can get to the results of yoga. But it’s a journey. I see great improvement in my students in just a weeks time. That is why it is our job as instructors to push the limits.

Yoga is only boring if you reach your limits.

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