I Think I’ll Try Yoga Today

Yoga Journey

Yoga Journey

Great! I mean come on, one of the more popular Instagram hashtags out there is #yogaeverydamnday. But before one takes a ride to Lululemon for yoga hot pants, there is some serious sh*t to consider.


Never underestimate the power of yoga. It has tremendous benefits to all eleven systems in the body. It improves concentration, digestion, posture, muscle tone and basically overall fitness and well being.

But just like anything else, if you don’t do your homework, something in your body may fail.

So many factors can contribute to a great yoga session, and so many factors can contribute to a dangerous situation.

It’s important to know your own body as much as you can before you try anything new. So I boldly suggest here that those who are not currently active, should check in with their doctor to see if they are healthy enough to start a vigorous 90 minute yoga class. It is certainly a concern on many yoga instructors minds because no one wants to see someone feeling ill in class. Yoga is a place to relieve stress. Practitioners owe it to themselves to come to class for a celebration, not one of sickness.

Perhaps something to consider may be to start with 30 minute private sessions, learning poses safely and under one on one supervision with hydration, nutrition and asana to body response education.

So a word to the wise. Think about your safety, health and well being. Be conscious of your current body state, hydration, nutrition and physical condition and then make good choices to become even better.

There are options. When I first started triathlon as a sport I couldn’t swim 25 meters. I barely made it through a sprint pool triathlon. I had to take swim lessons and join a Masters Swim Team moving slowly from beginner lanes to more moderate.Three years later with full blown concentration on the sport as a whole, I completed Ironman. Now I don’t think there are many people out there that can’t swim will say they are going to jump in and do an Ironman. There is a certain underestimation towards yoga, but truly there are many different styles, practices, and cultures. We are all capable of yoga. Yoga is breath first. It’s a matter of what path you take first to see the value in the next step.

Life is a journey, see you on the mat, safely.

Visit my new yoga instructor site here: Vinyasa in Su Casa



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