What Makes a Great Class?

Yoga Means Union

Yoga Means Union

What makes a great yoga or fitness class is defined by so many different things, so many different elements, that you would have to agree on one thing.. it’s subjective.

However.. it is also clear that when everyone is in unison, there is complete control of the room from the instructor, things fall into place where you leave the class saying..ah that was just magnificent.

Today was one of those days, where James co-studio owner of Yoga Oasis comes in to pick up the mail and realizes that he had to teach the 4pm on the spot.

Quickly reading the room, he set a tone that grabbed everyone’s full attention for the whole class. Everyone flowed perfectly even though there were many deviations to the typical practice. I was challenged for sure, and empowered more importantly. The energy in that room was simply perfect. Confidence, focus and smiles surrounded the room.

I even held crow..my nemesis.. for a good 30 seconds. It was all about the focus.. the focus.. the focus.

It’s always good to reflect on your teacher’s paths and their successes. James has a magic about him, that I hope seeps through osmosis for me, reminding me that its more than just the poses. It’s about yoga.. or union of the people.

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