Yoga at the Dojo

Yoga at the Dojo

Yoga at the Dojo

It was time. Time to put all my knowledge to work. 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training was done and I wanted to teach. Badly. I practiced dialogue in the shower, I concentrated on the lifestyle, the meaning of yoga. I absorbed every tiny bit from my teachers, peers, and fellow practitioners.

“Come to the the top of your mats” came out of my mouth, and all of the sudden it just came to me, naturally. For someone who followed yoga for twenty five years, I was leading. I still consider myself a student as I think we all have something new to learn everyday. But last Saturday, I had much to give.

I was lucky. My first class consisted of great energy, fun and smiles. I couldn’t have asked for a better first class. While the teacher may have the ability to set the tone for the class, the class vibe is created from the union. And what is the definition of yoga… union.

We flowed, we laughed, tried balance, we tried flexibility, we tried agility. While the dojo was used to bag punching, kicking and running drills, the blue floor transformed into a sea of serenity. The “60 Minute Vinyasa Flow” playlist didn’t disappoint. There were many poses that I wanted to jam in, but it was ok. So much more for the future to share and to teach.

And the end of class, daylight turned to night, the errands of the Saturday day melted into the candle flame and my class of more than a dozen saw the light. They awoke from savasana with glee and clapped loudly for me. It was one of the best feelings I have ever had in my life, to make others truly happy.

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