Constance 4/4/14

Constance 4/4/14

It’s a strange 4th of July. Hurricane Arthur is creeping up the coast giving us downpours and thunder;  it is the first year in a long time I did not participate in the Bellmore Striders Firecracker 4 miler; and I am sitting at the kitchen table blogging instead of getting the potato salad ready.

But it’s ok. This will also be the year I do something spectacular.

Coach Rich posted a few days ago on Facebook my Ironman Lake Placid number. 1059 stared in my face. This is real. A girl from Syosset NY who just started swimming 3 years ago, just bought a tri bike this year and has only one marathon behind her belt is going to do the most grueling event and the hardest thing she will do in her life. Ha, I even have to write this in the third person as it still seems surreal.

But this same girl has been sacrificing in order to celebrate one of the most memorial days in her life. So while thirty minutes away there is a Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest, the smell of bacon comes through my window from the next door neighbors, and BBQs will be a flaming everywhere across this country, I prepare myself for tomorrow’s hard training day.

Lastly, I am so lucky to be living in this country that allows me to participate in such a race. Only a short time ago, women were not allowed to run in marathons. It was in 1967 when Katherine Switzer proved them wrong and ran successfully in the Boston Marathon.

Thank goodness for the fearless. Happy 4th of July!


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