I Had Oatmeal Not Frosted Mini Wheats

This morning I made a usual visit to the Whole Foods in Jericho for their oatmeal, almond slices, brown sugar and cinnamon. The most boring Sunday brunch ever. But I had to fuel up. I had to put all my focus on one thing. To get through my 16 mile training run today. There is no sugar coating this. It’s hard, mentally and physically. Body parts hurt, Gu becomes a part of life and recovery drinks are topic of conversation amongst your peers. It’s now peak time in Training peaks, but my body had other plans. I haven’t had a facet joint/SI joint flare up in over a year, but it decided to remind me this week that I am human.

Marj O’Connor of Sea Cliff Acupuncture helped me through a tough week of muscle spasms and joint pain. My coach kept me on point as much as he could. My bike was short yesterday. Today on Father’s Day I had to see my workout through. It was a mission and a dedication to not only my father’s hard work but to my coach as well. Since December, he has spent countless hours not only on setting my custom schedule and going over my data, but he has invested so much personal time to see me through the rough patches. I had work to do.

I kept on pace, I kept a smile on my face.Michael, my husband was out there supporting me, holding all my water and nutrition so that it would not bog me down. A fellow triathlete Keith passed by and shouted “It’s hot”. Yep. As I write this I have waves of nausea and an ice pack on my left foot. But I have one goal with many thoughts that come to mind. I can assure you they are not sugar plums dancing in my head. This is work. 16 miles in the books.


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