Eye of the Ironman…I Trade My Glory for Passion



I am in deep. I am writing proposals, doing research and connecting with my network during the day while the rest of my awake time is spent on Ironman. Ironman training, Ironman thinking, and drinking the Ironman kool-aid. The countdown is here, two more months I will be toeing the line at Ironman Lake Placid. I look back at almost a year ago when I clicked on that button to register. I was on a high. I envisioned the M-Dot tattoo, Ironman on my resume and the finishers medal with a picture of me in a plaque. I have been in races for over 14 years, but never one that meant so much to me to get a plaque. I laugh as I write that now.

The workouts are hard, the weekends are consumed with training and the weekdays are consumed with planning. Next week is Rev 3 Quassy 70.3. I will use this as training as a warm up. I need to start drinking Gatorade endurance now so that on race day I will be comfortable taking it in on the course. I need to get yet another water bottle holder. And I need to stay focused. My coach wrote a very humbling note on Facebook today. We are a small percentage of the world that attempt to do such a thing. Why? Because it’s hard. I am sure there are many people that dream of having Ironman next to their name. But it’s the few that take the steps to become one.

My dear friend Tripp quoted the good ole Eye of the Tiger song today… when you trade your passion for glory, things go downhill. In the beginning of this training journey, I was going through the motions to get a badge of honor. My coach would frequently remind me to dig deep, and if I was doing this simply for the glory, I would be in trouble. There will be pain, there will be tears (there are already many tears), and there will be joy. And what sets us apart.. it’s the passion and the will to survive…it’s the eye of the Ironman.

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