post-it-noteA few sentences, and sometimes a few paragraphs… they are the words from Coach Rich Caiazza that make the difference in battling the demons. Ironman is a beast. Training for it is the mother of all beasts. It involves focus, control and courage. Now as I get closer to the big race day, the workouts are crucial with no room for excuses. So when I get up Monday morning to review my training schedule for the week, I have to take a deep breath. But as I take that deep breath, I also smile. Those short personal notes that are written along side of the dirty details sometimes have a lot of !!!!! and a lot of CAPS. Some are straightforward, some are soothing. At the end of the day, you know that great time and care were put into all of them. But then there is the race day note that is really something special. It includes a voice of reason and belief. I am not in this alone, and I am not the only one who wants all this.

The notes are priceless.


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