WHAT??? 6 Day Running Race???

Michael Korol, Art Therapist

Michael Korol, Art Therapist

Yep, that’s exactly the typical reaction I get when I tell people my husband Michael is running the 17th Annual Sri Chinmoy Six Day Race. The next question is..well how many miles will he put in? While that is questionable, the goal is to put in at least two, 26.2 marathons a day which would be about 300 miles total.

What drives him? Well this time he is doing it for a great cause that is near and dear to him. Michael started working with special needs children and adults a year ago as an art therapist. He has helped so many people find their inner creative talent from beautiful ceramic pieces to drawings that were put to silk screen like the one Michael is wearing in the above image and the tote bag below by child artist Emily Pearl. Bags and t-shirts are for sale and 50% of the proceeds goes directly to the artist. You can show your support and purchase art here on Michael’s Running Artist website.

Tote Bag by Emily Pearl

Tote Bag by Emily Pearl

If you are in the area and want to say hi to Michael during his endeavor, stop by the Flushing Meadows Corona Park from April 23rd-29th. He always likes a cheer and perhaps a slice of pizza too!



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