Swim Don’t Sink

irror Lake Placid ConstanceLast night at Open Water Swim master’s program, I hit a milestone. I walked onto the deck and was welcomed by smiles, waves and big greetings from my Tri Global team mates. Life has thrown me a few curve balls lately and I have been in the clouds. So when I dove in head first and started swimming, I surprised myself. I overcame the clouds and saw crystal clear waters. I swam hard and with gusto, while Tom cracked jokes and Aimee carried the lane like a rocket. Bryan Krut, owner of Open Water Swim and coach on deck gave me kudos after the session and recognized for the first time this season that I did really well.

Sometimes training for Ironman is lonely. You wake up, look at your workout in training peaks and go to it. You have to be extremely focused and driven, wanting that Ironman badge badly. Then there are the times like last night that make the journey so worth it. It’s so great to have a network of people that don’t allow me to sink, they give me the power to swim like the sharks.


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