Training Diversions with Surprise Milestones

This week has been tiresome. I even missed workouts. With all that came at me, I thought for sure it would show up negatively in my garmin stats. Plus I haven’t been happy with my training results and as a result have been in a mental funk. So when my coach said to me yesterday “this was the best week in training you had so far”. I was stunned. I knew I reached milestones, but I didn’t collectively see them as a stellar week.

So this is what happened:

Tuesday night some last minute adjusting to the schedule (aka my coach crumbled up the piece of paper that had my workout and verbally told me what to do) lead me to a 5K run personal best. Wednesday night working with my coach on stroke and kick improved my 50 meter pool freestyle swim by almost five seconds. Then with help from Russell at Brickwell Cycling and Multisport and a Guru Bike fit session, a much smaller frame and perfect fit tri bike gave me more power, stamina and comfort that allowed me to put in a great day at the office with the bike on Saturday.

When I reflect back on this week, I did things differently. I literally turned my life upside down. While that was very stressful, as change always seems to be, the results were staggering. I am thankful to have a coach that listens and reacts quickly to my feedback. In hindsight, I wish I did more knee jerk reactions. For example, my coach told me my bike was too big and all wrong for me back in December. A lot of time went by being miserable. But all I can do is learn from the experience and take steps to change. Like I did this week.

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