10 Things I’ve Learned in Ironman Training

M Dot Ironman Tattoo

M Dot Ironman Tattoo

It’s the beginning of my Ironman journey. Six months from now I will be facing the starting line of Ironman Lake Placid with thousands of other folks. Some will be newbies like me and for some this is old hat. For me, I just went through my first full month of Ironman training. So what did I learn? Let’s have a look shall we…

1. Thou shalt love the indoor trainer in all its glory when its January and you live in NY.

2. Glee is all over your face when your husband brings home a pair of wool riding socks for you as a surprise from the Cannondale store.

3. Your triathlon friends will chime in and chant with you “I love the indoor trainer” on Facebook, sometimes with photos as they are on the trainer or the movies they are watching.

4. Gu is bought by the case. Red velvet cupcakes, not so much.

5. There are some fellow die hard Garmin 310 peeps out there. Long live the ugly huge orange and grey laptop taking over your whole wrist! Poo Poo Bulgari.

6. Suddenly that next level up swim lane is placed on your bucket list.


8. Praying is now a daily ritual “Please no track work today”.

9. TP stands for Training Peaks, not…

10. Visions of Ironman M Dot tattoos dance in my head.


Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

strike that…

Wool socks are an Ironman in Training’s best friend.

Cannondale Wool Socks

Cannondale Wool Socks

2 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve Learned in Ironman Training

  1. keep it going girl…….like the comments about the track and the indoor trainer. I have a tough time with those .. but I also love the kickboard.!

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