Why A Computrainer with the Right Coach

Constance in the Batcave

Constance in the Batcave

Last year we had a fairly mild winter. But to continue with my training on those really cold, snowy days, I invested in a fluid trainer from Nashbar. I would get on it and catch up on some TV shows, not mindful of how hard I was working or what I was doing altogether. I didn’t even wear a heart rate monitor.

I am on TV!

I am on TV!

Fast forward to new year, new goals. Ironman 2014 in the wings. No time to mess around here, or shall I say, no time to workout without understanding the output. Insert Rich Caiazza, my coach from Team Tri Global and his Coaching Batcave set up with computrainer, video taping, computer monitor and the Arizona Ironman course. I will let him take it from here, because our three hour cycling journey was too intense for me to summarize myself…

So let’s start with your bike.  Your bike was set up like a true road bike.  Low seat. High bars.  The benefit to me seeing you in this position, and able to study how you were pedaling, allowed me to put you into a more “tri specific” aggressive position.  The purpose of a tri bike, is not just to look cool, but to keep you efficient in your muscle usage.  This means to get you off the bike feeling good, and with little fatigue in your running muscles.  By repositioning your saddle both height and position, allowed for a more forward bike position, using bike muscles, quads and calves, to do the bulk of the work, and leaving the hammys rested for a good run.

Once the position was done, we moved onto your riding style.  For our sport, it’s important to maintain a high, consistent cadence.  We worked on your gearing selection, and practiced a higher RPM interval section.  Your summary data showed an increase of 20 RPMs, which equated to an increase of almost 2RPMs.

Leg strength is crucial in triathlon training development, and as we continue to grow, your  power will increase, heart rate will go down, and a biproduct will be speed.

At the end of the day, I understood so much more from when I was blindly riding on the trainer by itself. It was a process, transitioning from cycling to triathlon biking and transforming from an avid cyclist to triathlete. I didn’t get to wear a black suit with spiky ears and a mask, but perhaps one day I can at least say I am one super hero.. Ironman.

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