First Century, Well ACTUALLY 111 Miles

David is Done

David is Done

Last Saturday was my very first Century ride, and to be clear it was labeled a century ride when it was actually 111 miles. I know when you are going that distance what could 11 extra miles really mean???

Insert picture of David from above

I am so lucky to have a great group of friends who like to spend a good 10 hours out on a beautiful day riding. We have had some kinks in the plan between my shifter cables getting severed by a camera clamp on my handlebars, to a few flat tires from strangers and a group rider then enjoying pie for a good amount of time on the Water Mill grasses. It wound up to be a long day. But this is a century ride. It was the longest I have ever done, almost twice as long as previous group rides.

Water Mill Pie Stop!

Water Mill Pie Stop!

Jumping for joy at our 78 mile rest stop, Jodi, Debbie and I put the watch aside and took advantage of the photo opportunity and of course some pie. Our smiles were big and our drive was off the charts. Now it was a test of momentum, skill and mental fortitude to make it another 30 + miles to the end of the Montauk journey.

While speed and time were a bit of a disappointment for me, a week later I can say I am so proud of our small cycling group. We all finished strong, healthy and excited for the next cycling event. Endurance can test your patience, and when it is over, it can prove you are resilient.

Dedicated to David Blatt, thank you. 

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