Who Won The Race?

Equinox Training Camp 2013

Equinox Training Camp 2013

Yesterday was the last day of the six week intense training program produced by Equinox called Equinox Training Camp or simply ETC. As I wrote in my previous post, I jumped at the chance to sign up for this three day a week boot camp style workout when it became available for one reason only… I wanted to get stronger. I wanted to lessen the risk of injury and work on muscle strength in areas I never used.  The summer is near and we are on the cusp of triathlon season. This year I didn’t have to worry about learning how to swim or swim endurance. Although I can always work harder on my speed, I feel much more confident in open water swimming and have been fairly consistent throughout the winter working on my pool drills. I cycled outside throughout the winter thanks to my great friends and husband and ran even when there was snow on the ground with snowshoes. So it was the year to get stronger, focus and concentrate on overall fitness. This was the answer.

But wait, what was the question again?

If I truly wanted to work on my strength, I certainly could have jumped in the circuit area at least twice a week, do some pushups on my own and sat on a mat while counting crunches as I daydream about breaking the ribbon at a race.

Perhaps I needed a bit of my own medicine. Fifteen years ago I worked with a group of teenagers who desired change with their weight and fitness level at New Image Camp in Ojai, California. I was head nutritionist and was dedicated to helping these kids feel good about themselves. The program was hard, the goals were high, and the camaraderie was off the charts. Within eight weeks, there was a shift in confidence, fitness and overall happiness. I still think back to that amazing summer, when I made a difference in many lives and they made a difference in mine.

The praise, love and fun dialogue that has transpired throughout the past six weeks in the ETC Facebook group has been truly endearing.  ETC was a structured program lead by two stellar instructors, but the team made the program alive.

Barbara Miller Delman “There is something very freeing and cathartic about what we are doing. I am so grateful to have a healthy and strong body that allows me to push the envelope!”


Shari Smith I just love meeting people I would never normally have the chance to know and having a bond in such a short time period is so unusual and fantastic!

Dana, Rocky, Kristen and Equinox corporate you have all made us winners in the race to be better. Better friends, better athletes and better people. On behalf of ETC 2013, thank you. You have made a difference in our lives.

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