ETC in Action

ETC in Action

There comes a time when you have to stop and reassess things so that you can improve and get positive results. When I saw the invite to join Equinox Training Camp/ ETC, I knew I was going to try my all to get in and stay committed. It was time to face the music, find out my fitness benchmarks and swallow the fact that the number of push ups I was able to do in one minute was a joke.  I have been focusing in on my triathlon training of running, biking and swimming as well as flexibility with yoga. I’ve been neglecting strength and core. The first step is admitting the problem, then it’s time to embrace the challenge.

I walked into the 50+ class on Monday and took a deep breath. This was the beginning of a six week program, three times a week starting at 5:45am. I looked around and nodded to a few familiar faces then suddenly I found myself in a continuous jumping jack loop. Rocky one of the co-instructors lead us into the “warm up” (I use this term loosely) while Dana took roll call. Since the program was very popular and had a fairly large waiting list, we had to commit in writing before it started that we would keep good attendance (not exceeding three in the six week period) as part of the ETC agreement pledge..

To participate in ETC, I agree:

1.     To show up 3 ETC workouts/week minimum (if I miss 3 sessions and do not attend make up sessions, I understand that I may be asked to forfeit my spot camp)

2.     To arrive early and complete the workout

3.     To commit to all 6 weeks (travel and sickness to be discussed in advance with coaches)

4.    To respect and support my fellow ETC trainees, coaches and ETC managers

5.     To act with integrity and give fully in the ETC workout

6.     To care for my body consciously through proper cross training, nutrition and regeneration during the 6 weeks

7.     To give constructive feedback on the workouts and communicate promptly with the coaches

8.  To earn my fitness and improve my life

9. To have FUN!!!

Rocky started dividing the troops in two with white and black bracelets then lead the white bracelets out the studio door to officially kickoff ETC with a bang running up and down the stairs and outside around the building. If that wasn’t enough, for a quick heart rate break we ventured into the yoga studio and paired up for some abdominal fun…sit ups! Meanwhile upstairs, Dana lead the team in strength training drills with METCON3 breaks of burpees, mountain climbers, and jumping jacks. Then it was time to switch, white bracelets in studio, blacks running drills.

ETC, White Bracelet

ETC, White Bracelet

The class goes through two rounds of strength/METCON3 as well as running drills including some mashups of “The Biggest Loser” hints rolling HUGE heavy tires over several times forward and back. Rocky and Dana lead the large class with extreme organization. There were not many opportunities to chat, but to sum up the experience one of my fellow ETCers said to me on the stairs…”I think we are all going to be family at the end of this.”

ETC is an all inclusive boot camp. There is no room for et cetera.

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