We Ride then Run!

We Ride then Run!

Craving a quiet road and enjoying a spring morning, we put on our Easter Bonnets AKA cycling helmets and headed out to the flat Suffolk County roads this past Easter Sunday.

Donna rounded up the troops as I had an opportunity to meet some new triathlete friends and do a double cycle workout with my riding buddy David. We rode out and back for about 15 miles through West Islip and Brightwaters. One of our co-riders Marty was scooting up curbs and doing a few more side road laps as the rest of us glided down Union Blvd, getting to know each other. When you caught up with Marty to ride along his side, he jumped into chat like he didn’t miss a beat. I think he has enhanced hearing.

This ride was sweet, great pace with great conversations as we collectively shook off the cobwebs and officially welcomed spring training. But we weren’t done. We unclipped and put the bikes down and now had a 5K run to do. This was no transition to be proud of with timing, but made up in fun. We nestled into Donna’s house and gathered our run items together as we chatted with her husband Jimmy and daughter Jordan, just chilling out.

We finally hit the road again on foot and the legs took a while to wake up. We laughed at our transition period as Dawn shared a similar long transition story with us. A friend took over 4 minutes in transition once and when they finally saw him in the race they asked if he stopped to have a Big Mac! So in honor of the 4 minute transition friend, I humbly named this post the BIg Mac BRICK. Life is so much better sharing a laugh with friends, taking a break from slave to the watch.

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