The Glass Was Half Full

It was a weekend of halves, as I celebrated my birthday, health, life and camaraderie the entire weekend with great friends at two, half marathons.

It has been a tough month for me as I slowly healed my body from an injury and dealt with the mental pressure of perhaps backing out of yet another race. Between yoga and acupuncture, I managed to physically and mentally heal my body to perform in last Saturday’s 13.1 Marathon in Flushing Meadows, Queens. But I owe it big time to my dear friends including David and Heather, as they created my very own personal cheering squad out there pulling for me every step of the way.

Cheering Poster

Cheering Poster

Spouses who run together, stick together. My husband was in prime shape coming off a 50K race a few weeks ago where not only did he do very well in the 13.1 race, but the very next day he got up and put on yet another half marathon bib number and did the Suffolk Community College race as well. One of his Facebook friends considered it to be a marathon with a nap in between. David and I happily did a shorter distance on Sunday, the 5K, then wandered our way to some free snacks, Dunkin Donuts coffee and a free trigger point message while waiting for the half marathon runners to come in.

Heather, who was cheerleader on Saturday became a half marathon bada** on Sunday as she had a personal best, shaving 20 minutes off of her best previous time and came in third for her age group. Well deserved and so happy to be able to capture the moment in this snapshot while celebrating with her at the finish line.

Heather at the Finish!

Heather at the Finish!

Sometimes we have to take risks to find out our capabilities. It is easier to take that risk when others have your back. I am a lucky gal to have such a great network of friends.  Life is simply better when you are looking at the glass half full.

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