What To Do When It’s Just Not a Running Day

Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga

My friend Hilary Topper recently brought up a great question in my Running on Long Island and More Facebook group…

“Why is it that there are some days that you feel like you could barely do a mile and other days when you feel like you can run forever??? Any suggestions for those days that you feel like you can’t run???”

I loved this question and I loved the community response, which included this reply from Bob Bettie “Sometimes you just have to listen to your body. Taking the day off wouldn’t hurt.”



Many times we mentally beat ourselves up for skipping running days when quite possibly our bodies are over trained, injured, or just simply just not feeling it. Then just the opposite can happen too, you are dragging yourself out of bed, putting on gear, fueling the fuel belt and barely making it to the trail when suddenly your mind, body and spirit arise to the occasion. The bottom line is, its ok to take a step back and feel what your body is telling you.  There are fitness goals to achieve and races to compete in, but one or two days rest with cross-training and or yoga when your body is craving it can do the body good.



Take care of your body, it’s the only one you have. I am grateful to know my body and what it needs.

10 thoughts on “What To Do When It’s Just Not a Running Day

  1. Thanks for writing this… Is there such a thing as a runner’s funk? Where it’s not one or two days but a week where you feel like this? And if so, I guess the key is to cross train… Thanks again!

  2. You know I preach this all the time! I just got back from over 2 weeks of travel – with 1 week ko-ed with a massive cold. Been away from “my routine” for most of that time and now it is like I never worked out in my life! The body knows – you need to work with it! BTW – great haircut!!

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