Swimming in the Jungle

Two years ago I decided to tackle on a new sport, Triathlon. I have watched my good friend and Equinox cycle instructor Tripp Doherty train and finish several Ironman races and he greatly motivated me to dip my toe in the water. Problem was, I couldn’t swim. I thought that my camp lessons when I was 9 were going to get me through swimming a mile in the ocean. Ha! With many lessons, hyperventilation episodes and long periods in the pool, I managed to get through two seasons of sprint triathlons successfully.

This coming summer will be my 3rd year training with OWS and Bryan Krut. While he patiently got me up to speed with form, comfort level and overall skill, his group always had smiles on their faces and welcomed everyone no matter what. There are top triathletes in his group and he trains to win, but he also manages his time and walks down a few lanes to give proper drills and technique tips to folks like me.

Here is a sneak preview of Moving Project 516 using the Sony Action Cam practicing turning our torso so not to swim flat, by pulling on ropes in the pool. The full video will debut in March 2013 at the Sony Store in Garden City, NY. Enjoy!

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